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Drew Cavanaugh Photography

Drew Cavanaugh Photography

Welcome to my web site and I hope you enjoy all of the photos

Drew Cavanaugh Photography

Hello my name is Drew Cavanaugh and I live in east central Florida. To my fishing charter clients I am called Captain Drew! LOL

But Drew is just fine for me. My passion for photography started years ago when my grandmother gave me an old 35mm Minolta film camera and it has never stopped since then. Today I use Canon cameras, DJI Drones, GoPro and primarily do wildlife, landscape and client charter fishing photography. Along with my YouTube Channel which is based around my charter business.

  From that day forward I just loved taking pictures. I would just take photos of everything and anything I could. Now with the digital age it has changed things so much. I am self taught and are still learning as time goes by. I am always open to suggestions and willing to learn new things to further my knowledge even more.

I am a full time light tackle backcountry inshore saltwater flats fishing guide here on the Mosquito Lagoon, Ponce Inlet and Indian River located inside the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and the Canaveral National Seashore within NASA near Orlando.

My business, Florida Inshore Fishing Charters and Florida Nearshore Fishing Charters, really opens things up to me for the camera and video. Being a fishing guide here and having access to the refuge from the waters gives me a tactical advantage from a photographers and video standpoint that not everyone gets. Allowing me into areas where the average camera just cannot go or get too, plus with me knowing the waters like my own back yard. I use my camera for photos of my clients trip with me but also have it there for the abundance of wildlife we see while on the water.

The wildlife refuge is one of the biggest bird refuges here on earth which there is always something to snap a picture of. From birds to manatee to dolphin to sunrises it is almost infinite.

Also since the Mosquito Lagoon is just north of the launch pads I have had several opportunities with watching, videoing   and photographing rocket launches.

Along with all of this just being in a tropical paradise allows myself to get fabulous shots at so many different things.

So my goal with this was to offer my clients

a bigger variety of their trip with me and to also let the world see what I see in what I call, well, my office. Thank you so much and please enjoy!

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